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Is LASIK right for me?
Find A Houston LASIK surgeon!

If you are seeking a Houston LASIK surgeon you have come to the right place. At Sugarland Eye & Laser Center, our experienced LASIK surgeon, Amjad Khokhar, M.D. is ready to help you achieve your personal best vision. Call us for a complimentary LASIK consultation today! If LASIK cost in Houston is holding you back from a LASIK consultation we have LASIK coordinators who can work with financing to help you afford this life changing procedure now instead of years down the road. If you are a not a LASIK candidate our LASIK center has alternatives for vision correction. WE are dedicated to providing the safest and most effective vision correction options in Houston .

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Premium Cataract Surgery

Is your vision getting foggy? Are you not able to differentiate your socks? Do you have night driving problems? If you have these issues you might be experiencing cataracts. At Sugarland Eye & Laser Center we offer a state of the art surgical center environment with options for premium cataract surgery.

Do you want a world-renowned, “Houston Top Docs” award winner, an “America’s Top Docs” award winner, and a doctor featured in various scientific publications around the world, working on your eyes? Then call us now to talk to him.

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Eye Disease Problems

Houston Ophthalmologist Dr. Amjad Khokhar has a wide range of eye disease diagnostic experience. Eye diseases can be caused by many factors including aging, genetics, or a number of other health issues. As a board certified member of the American Board of Ophthalmology (ABOP), Dr. Amjad Khokhar has the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to provide high-quality patient care as an Ophthalmologist.

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Premier Vision Correction in Houston, Texas

Hello I am Amjad Khokhar, M.D.of the Sugar Land Eye & Laser Center Welcome to our website! If you have immediate questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We are experienced in providing cataract surgery, LASIK laser vision correction in Houston TX. Our vision correction procedures include dry eye treatment, Intralase LASIK, Custom LASIK, refractive cataract surgery and no stitch cataract surgery with astigmatism correction.

By setting a new standard of care, we provide the best opportunity to achieve this standard for each and every patient. At Sugar Land Eye & Laser Center our patients can feel confident they are receiving the finest in eye care and vision correction surgery in a peaceful environment designed to be calming and reassuring.

We encourage out patients to be fully educated about vision correction before deciding to move forward. This is why Sugar Land Eye & Laser Center offers a no obligation FREE Vision Correction Consultation. Here you will learn about all of your vision correction options including LASIK Laser Vision Correction, Premium Lens Implants and other vision correction procedures that might be right for you.

If you are one of many Texans seeking to improve your vision please feel free to contact our Houston LASIK office. We have LASIK patient counselors that will explain the entire surgical process, provide extensive patient education and even help arrange financing. Our LASIK offices are located in Houston and Sugarland, Texas.